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Si deseas invertir

Indica el monto que deseas invertir en el proyecto de tu preferencia.


Transfiere fondos a tu billetera en Uppercap.


Completa unos datos para entregarte tu contrato digital al instante.


Estás listo, ahora sigue las noticias del proyecto en que invertiste.

Si deseas levantar capital

Regístrate y revisa la propuesta comercial que tenemos para ti.

¿Aún no estás listo para levantar capital? Prueba creando tu perfil aquí y ve cuántos de tus seguidores están dispuestos a invertir en tu prioyecto.

Completa los documentos necesarios para comprobar tu estado.


Crea tu perfil empresa y muestra tu proyecto al mundo.


Empieza a levantar capital y cumple tus metas.

Investment opportunities

Know the companies that are already available in Uppercap

All companies have been rigorously validated in a process of
Legal and Financial Due Diligence

Productos y soluciones

Empieza de manera gratuita y lleva tu empresa al siguiente nivel con los productos y soluciones de Uppercap



¿No estás listo aún para levantar capital?
¡Comencemos por lo básico! Carga aquí el pitch de tu empresa.


Gestiona a tus inversionistas y levanta el capital que necesitas en nuestra plataforma.
Uppercap platform

We simplify the complex, so you can make the best decisions.

Interfaz amigable
Friendly interface
Contratos Digitales
100% digital procedures
Contratos Instantáneos
Instant contracts
Multiple payment methods


Invest accompanied by a support network with great experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Uppercap is a platform that allows you to invest in selected companies in a simple, 100% digital and Blockchain-backed way. How to register in Uppercap?
We review the companies and meet their teams to evaluate the business. We occupy a FPTM model (Founders, Product, Traction, Mission.) See more
For many, taking the option of saving instead of investing is a reasonable and safe decision. This is for those who the risk of losing is not an option, and with the savings apparently it is not lost. The latter is “apparent”, since many savings alternatives lose value over time and their opportunity cost can be high. See more
Of course yes! For that you must go to our section Financing and enter your email so that we can contact you as soon as possible.
That is, if you have to take into account that at Uppercap, our goal is to achieve a simple, safe and transparent environment to connect companies with investors. See more
In order to use the Uppercap account you must follow three simple steps:
  • 1. Define email
  • 2. You must complete each requested field
  • 3. Validate code
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The investment path can be a journey of many satisfactions, of great returns or at least bring with it the fulfillment of a purpose. However, it is important to always be clear that like all businesses, it can have disparate results. See more


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